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How to Get Rid of Molluscum Contagiosum

This can be a tough one.  Molluscum contagiosum (or molluscum as it is sometimes referred to) is one of those diseases that just does not go away quickly. The lesions can last anywhere from 6 months to 6 years if left untreated.

Why is it so hard to get rid of molluscum contagiosum?

  • They reside on the surface

    The molluscum lesions reside on the outer dermal layers of the skin. They sit right on the surface. This may allow them to go undetected by the body’s natural defenses.

  • Molluscum is big

    Of all the viruses, molluscum is the largest. Not only is it big, it’s surface is full of all sorts of bumps and indentations. This complex outer structure may be another reason why the virus is able to live so long

I don’t want to wait! So how do I get rid of molluscum contagiosum quickly?

  • Physician Treatments

    A) Cryotherapy

    This is the freezing of the lesions. Drops of liquid nitrogen are placed on the lesions to freeze them off.

     B) Curettage

    Curettage is the removal of the lesions by scooping them out with a curette.

     C) Cantharadin

    Cantharadin is sometimes referred to as “bettle juice”, it is a blistering agent. The liquid comes from the blistering beetle. And just as its name implies, it uses acid to blister away the lesions. This treatment is probably the most common used by doctors.

    The problem with these 3 treatments is that often times the procedures are painful. No parent likes to sit there and watch their child scream in pain while a doctor applies acid to their skin. In addition, the treatments can lead to scarring.  These treatments traumatize the surface of the skin, resulting in scars.

    D) Prescription Drugs

    Some doctors will prescribe antiviral creams such as Aldara and Zyclara. These drugs tend to be very expensive and have a relatively low efficacy rate. Again, up until now the doctors just have not had viable options.

  • Over the Counter Drugs

    There are lots out there. Over the past few years the market has become flooded with all sorts of products claiming to get rid of molluscum contagiosum. The products vary in ingredients and treatment patterns. Prices range form $30 to hundreds of dollars depending on which treatment you choose.  Tea tree oil, jojobe oil, Emu oil, melaleuca oil, this oil and that oil… There are endless lists of products containing all sorts of products containing all sorts of oils. Many of these oils have been used for various treatments over time. The bottom line is you want a treatment that is going to work.

MolluscumRx. The Physician’s Choice.

MolluscumRx is the only OTC product that I know of that is actually sold by physicians. You know as well as I do that most physicians, especially dermatologists, are very reluctant to use a natural product. Mainly because they know that most of them do not get rid of molluscum contagiosum. *

MolluscumRx has proven to be so effective that doctors all over the country now sell the product in their offices (a little over 200 to date now carry the product). *

They sell it because they know it works. MolluscumRx may not the cheapest product on the market, but that’s not a bad thing! The high quality ingredients make the product more expensive to produce. This quality ingredients make MolluscumRx the best treatment for molluscum. *

That’s why the doctors sell it… because it works!

109 responses to “How to Get Rid of Molluscum Contagiosum”

  1. Andrea Miller says:

    My 13 year old grandaughter has mulluscum. My heart breaks for her, she is a beautiful girl. But she crys because it makes her feel ugly. She had them on her chin and down her neck. They went away now on her stomach. She has been to dermatoligists, and they say there is no cure or anything that can be done. She is a 5 foot 9 girl that plays basketball, and fast pitch softball. Can you help me to help her. Sincerely a grandma that loves her grandaughter very much.

    • MolluscumRx says:

      There is a cure. MolluscumRx.

      Apply twice a day and within 5-7 days you should see the lesions begin to respond. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for them to totally resolve.`

      Feel free to call our office if you have any other questions.

  2. Kara Armatrout says:

    I am a 14 year old teenager, people that don’t have this disease dosent understand how frustrating this can be. Already being insecure about other things having molescum does not help. I have molescum all down my right leg and a few on my “left leg. I run Cross Country and I do pE at school., it is so embarrassing to show my legs in public, pleAse please help me , I have bee. Fighting this since the 7th grade. Please help me.
    Sincerely a Insecure teenager.

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Well the best advice I can give is to get rid of the molluscum.

      Just apply MolluscumRx twice a day. Within a week the lesions will start to darken and begin to scab. When you see this you know the lesions are going away. We reccomend you continue applying the MolluscumRx until the lesions are gone ( about 2-3 weeks).

      There is no pain , no acids, and typically no scaring. The stuff works great.

      So get it and get rid of the molluscum.

  3. Kristen says:

    We have used tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, zymaderm, and now dermallay. Please tell me how your product differs as they are all “all-natural.” How can they contain different things and do you have a money back guarantee? We are 6 months into this with my 3 yo daughter having this all over her face and other spots on her body. Help!

    • MolluscumRx says:

      The biggest difference is that MolluscumRx work. That’s why we are sold in over 200 dermatology practices nationwide.

      Studies show that MolluiscumRx works over 90% of the time. We offer a full money back guarantee.

      The key is consistency. use the product as directed and you can expect great results.

  4. Marlene Wright says:

    Where can I order the medicine.

  5. Ryan says:

    I am a 14 year old male and i have molluscum on my pubic area. At first i thought they were ingrown hairs but they are smaller. They are really small but i want to get rid of them without my parents getting involved or knowing, is there anything i can do?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      You can apply the MolluscumRx as directed and that will get rid of the lesions. Since the product is an over-the-counter item you can buy it directly.

      However, i think it best you let your parents know what is going on so they can make sure you get proper care.

  6. Dan says:

    I am a 14 year old male and I have molluscum on my left forearm. It just sits there and slowly spreads down my arm. My mum got this special drying stuff that was $50 for 5 grams… And it just dries the skin and the molluscum just stays there. If we can’t get this molluscumrx stuff. What can I do?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Get the Molluscumrx stuff. It will get rid of the molluscum.

      Go to the site and order or call, 407-850-5599. We will take care of that molluscum.

  7. E says:

    I have twin daughters that have this and I have purchased the product it has been a week and a half since I started using it. It seems to be working but one of my daughters seems to be getting really dry on her legs is this normal? Also this same daughter seems to have a few lesions on her lips. Is this common? And can I place your product on her lips? Thank you!

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Well that’s a first. Do me a favor and call the office 407-850-5599 so we can discuss.

      This time of year the dryness is not uncommon. Make sure you don’t use any other creams or lotions with the product.

      The lips are going to be tricky. The product will not hurt her, but it’s going to taste really really bad.

      Lets talk.

  8. Jen says:

    Hi I’m looking to speak with someone about the cream to cure Molluscum. I’ve been struggling with it for 3.5 years now. They have become infected and cause alot of pain. My three year old son also has it. Call *** *** ****.

  9. Jessie says:

    Hi my 7 yrs old daughter [&] 5 yrs old son has moluscum. I been fighting them off since toddler. I would like to buy the cream. Please let me know how. If results don’t work do you give a refund.

  10. Jo-Anne Farber says:

    Do you ship to New Zealand?

  11. Juliette says:

    My 5 year old has molluscum. The dermatologist prescribed an immune stimulating cream. The cream has inflammed his skin after just 2 uses and I have stopped using it. Is this product a better alternative? It is on his arm and it rubs against his stomach causing the lesions to spread and itch him. It is very uncomfortable.

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Absolutely, MolluscumRx will not irritate or harm his skin.

      If you would like to discuss, just give us a call, 407-850-5599.

  12. Thomas says:

    My 4 year old has been fighting this for 4 months drs say can’t do anything. It hurts me looking at her. From a loving dad.

    • MolluscumRx says:

      The doctor is wrong. We have treated hundreds of children whose parents were told the same thing by their doctors.

      MolluscumRx works great, you just have to be consistent with your applications.

      If you would like to discuss more, just give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  13. Jenn says:

    My son is 7 and has molluscum on his face. He’s a very loving child and likes to cuddle. Well you can probably guess, I began itching on my chest and neck. Yep, I’ve noticed tiny red bumps. I have already purchased one bottle, is this going to be enough for the both of us, for 3-4 weeks? How much do you recommend I purchase to clear us both for good! I’ve become obsessed with Clorox wipes, sanitizer and washing bed sheets every other night and towels every day! Please help ease my mind…

    • MolluscumRx says:

      It should be, depending on the number of lesions. A bottle will typically treat up to 50-60 lesions.

      MolluscumRx should be applied at least twice a day. Wash and dry the area before each application. You want to get a nice fresh seal each time. Do not use any other creams or lotions with the product. This tends to make it not work. In about 7 days you will begin to see the lesions respond and then they are usually gone in 3-4 weeks.

      Remember, consistency is the key.

  14. Jenn says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention, his bumps look completely different from mine. His are large and pearl white, mine are shiny and red. Why the difference?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      That’s one for your doctor.

      Molluscum does come in different looks.If you check out our pics of molluscum, you will see it does vary in appearance.

      It really takes a doctor, preferably a Dermatologist or Pediatrician to make a proper diagnosis.

  15. Jenn says:

    I began applying the molluscum rx to my son, in one area where a lesion had already lost the core and I had a bandage covering dried his skin. I have applied your product three times and the area looks to be drying out more where the bandage was. What can I do to prevent over drying and irritation of the skin since there are more molluscum lesions surrounding the area and I must continue putting your product there?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      I would not cover the area with a bandage. When MolluscumRx is applied it forms its own natural bandage. It’s better to leave that exposed not covered. This is probably why you’re seeing drying in that area.

      Treat all areas where you see lesions until they are gone. Be aggressive and the lesions will resolve.

  16. Jennifer says:

    I have been applying your product for three weeks now consistently, and some spots have begun to dry out and clear up but I’m noticing tiny bumps developing all over one cheek. Why are new ones forming? These were never here the past 7 months he’s had them and I’ve noticed a couple new ones on his neck?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      It is common for molluscum to spread, especially with kids who have had the lesions for awhile.

      It is not common for molluscum to spread when you are using the MolluscumRx. I assume this is an area you are not treating. So if you see spots beginning to form treat them with the product ASAP. The sooner you treat them the sooner they will go away.

      In the meantime, feel free to call the office, 407-538-5654, to discuss further.

  17. Emma says:

    Can you ship it to Mauritius ?
    Haw do I purchase the product?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      We can, we ship world wide. Just go to the website and order the product. Put in your exact shipping info and the product will ship that day.

      All packages are sent first class via USPS.

  18. Josh says:

    I have had molloscum for about 7 or 8 years now on the scrotum. Oils, acv you name it I tried. Every time I go to the doc they tell me to leave it alone. Problem is its itchy and I scratch in my sleep. And I cant stop picking at them. I need a cure please god its affecting the quality of my life

    • MolluscumRx says:

      7-8 years? That’s a record, wow.

      Ok lets get rid of them. I would apply the MolluscumRx 3-4 times a day, be very agressive. What you should see in about 7 days or so those lesions will begin to darken and start to scab. This is what you want, just keep putting it on until they are gone.

      You will also find that the MolluscumRx will help with the itching.

      Do not pick at the lesions, as this will promote spreading.

  19. James says:

    hi my name is James. I believe I have had molloscum contagiosum for about 2 months now on my groin, and it hasn’t gone away.I haven’t spoken to a healthcare provider and it seems to have spread a bit. does your product actually work? sincerely a desperate man seeking answers

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Well you have come to the right place. What you have is very common and we have treated many people with the same condition successfully. You should see a healthcare provider to make sure you have molluscum.

  20. Mona says:

    Sir i have mollscum in genital area .this cream can work in genital area …. and dont leave scars also ….how can i purchase this cream ?what is the cost of it

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Yes, MolluscumRx works in the genital area. The key is to be consistent. I would suggest applying the product 3-4 times a day. The more agressive you are with the treatment, the faster the lesions will resolve.

      The cost is $59.99 and comes with free shipping.

  21. Maddie says:

    My daughter has molluscum on her face around her mouth and chin as well as on her chest. She is only 19 months old. Can this product be used safely for her age and on the mentioned areas?
    Thank you!

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Yes the product is very safe.

      When you place the product on her chin, be sure to make sure it dries( a minute or 2). If she accidentally gets the MollouscumRx in her mouth it will not hurt her ( it just taste really bad).

      If you still have concerns, give us a call, 407-850-5599.

  22. Nicky says:

    Do you ship to Dubai?

  23. Olivia says:

    Hi there I’m so desperate my son is 9 and his molluscum is getting worse by the day his had an operation about a year ago to remove it but it came back with a big bang and its spreading towards other body parts! Please help me (I’m in south africa)

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Relax, you have come to the right place. Molluscum is a tricky virus whose effects vary from person to person. Sounds like your son is one of the tough ones to treat.

      The MolluscumRx will take care of these lesions. I suggest you apply 2-3 times daily, this will help you achieve results faster.

      We ship worldwide and you can order right on the website.

  24. Alexis says:

    My daughter has it under her arm on the armpit area and it has been there for a while and she really hates it and wants it to go away is there anything we can do to cure it?!?!

  25. Angel says:

    Hi I am 14 and have noticed that I had these for about half a year now. Besides my other insecurities this makes it even worse. I’m constantly asked asked about them and it feels horrible. Does it really work because I’ve gone to the doctor and they have used medicines that makes it turn into a blister but it doesn’t really work. I would really like to get rid of them soon before summer because I have them all on my back, neck and left arm.

    • MolluscumRx says:

      It works great. We have an amazingly high cure rate ( over %95 ). You just have to be consistent in applyong the product.

      So get the MolluscumRx and get rid of those pesky lesions.

  26. Amanda says:

    I just found out this morning that the bumps my 6 year old some has are molluscum, he has several bump around his eye and on his eye lid, and one his jaw line, would this medication be safe to use around his eyes, namely his eyelid???

    • MolluscumRx says:

      I would not use the medication on his eyelids, as the product will sting if it gets in his eyes.

      Anywhere else on his body, including his face, the product is safe to use.

      It works great, you just need to get it on those lesions consistently.

  27. Amrit says:

    I am 18 years old and i have had molluscum for 5 months on my right shoulder, chest and down to my stomach. I have visted my doctors and they have told me that they will clear away themselves up to 6-12 months. I have Eczema too, which is annoying.

    Will your treatment work on me and is it clinically proven ?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Molluscum is a tricky virus. Some people will have the lesions for 6-9 months others will have them for years. MolluscumRx takes this process and reduces it to usually about a month.

      Physician led studies have shown the product to be over 95% effective in treating the lesions. See our study data here on the website.

      MolluscumRx has worked for thousands of patients and continues to be the product of choice for more and more physicians each day.

  28. Monique says:

    hi, I have a son who will be 2 soon and has had the molluscum for quite awhile. he had it as a bump now it spreaded all over his stomach and back. I wanted to see if this product will help him? and how can it scab and still continue to vanish?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Relax, you have come to the right place. The product will help him. MolluscumRx speeds the healing process. Lesions are typically gone in 3-4 weeks. The product is pain free and will not burn or harm his skin.

      The scabbing is a normal process in how the lesions resolve. They typically get a darker red, scab then resolve.

      I am confident the product will work for your little one.

  29. Monique says:

    hi, again I am responding to your comment on top… so if they scab its okay, they just cant scratch it since it is resolving

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Exactly. The scabbing is a normal part of the lesions resolving.

      Try not to scratch them as this may cause spreading.

  30. Harsha says:

    Is Molluscum Rx available in India as well. I have Molluscum from last 1 year. Have gone for curettage many times and they are again developing on my face and neck. I am fedup now. Please suggest a solution.

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Yes, MolluscumRx is sold worldwide (over 30 countries at last count). You can order the product right on line.

      I suggest you get the product and apply 2-3 times a day. The lesions typically start to respond in 5-7 days are usually totally gone within 2-4 weeks.

      Remember consistency is the key. Do not miss treatments and those bumps will be gone fast.

  31. Camryn says:

    I’m a 16 girl. My first two molluscum spots appeared about a year and a half ago (they are the biggest) and now I have over forty little ones up my right leg and a few on my left leg as well. I have gone to the doctor and I have been applying medicine on hem for a month or two now. My doctor has flicked a few of them with a needle to try to speed up the healing process but none of them have gone away yet. I’m starting to get them on my upper high near my butt and those are staring to be painful. I started using tea tree oil recently. I’m going to camp in a few days and my mom is a little paranoid, what should I do to keep it contained while at camp?
    -Insecure and fed up

    • MolluscumRx says:

      First camp. You need to keep the lesions covered. Do not share clothes, towels, sheets etc. with anyone. If exposed you could spread the virus to others at camp. So keep the lesions covered at all times.

      The next thing is to get the MolluscumRx and start using it asap. I would apply 3-4 times daily as instructed. The lesions should start to respond within a week. Because you have had them so long, maybe a little longer. The MolluscumRx will also help relieve some of the painful areas.

      The treatment is totally pain-free (no burning or blistering agents), so cover those lesions good. Remember to get the product on those lesions 3-4 times a day.

  32. Marina says:

    Please help. My 4 year old just keeps getting more and more of mollescum. It’s getting out of hand. Does this product really help?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      It does more than help, it gets rid of the molluscum.

      Just follow the application instructions and be consistent with applications (2-3 times a day).

      We have had amazing results with our product.

  33. Xolani Mkhwanazi says:

    I have 3 to 4 molluscus on the shaft of my private part and its been 8months already.just tell me what to do to order if u live in south africa

    • MolluscumRx says:

      We ship world-wide. Simply order online and your product will be shipped that day.

      Remember to follow application instructions and apply at least 2-3 times a day.

      This stuff works great and we sell all over the world.

  34. Kayla says:

    my 5 year old son is covered in mullescum, we are looking for options for him without putting him through the pain of having them burned. Just wondering if someone can contact me and let me know if you ship to Canada, thanks

    • MolluscumRx says:

      There is no need to put him or any child through the pain of having them burned.

      The MolluscumRx will get rid of them.

      Just order online. We ship to Canada all the time.

  35. Jen says:

    Please contact me so I can get info on how to get the molluscum rx!

  36. Tee says:

    Hi I have been dealing with this for mouths now I have tried apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil but the bumps just seem to get puffy. Will they are located all in my face. With me being a model/dancer it’s hard for me to keep my confidence. I’m hoping that this will help :/

    • MolluscumRx says:

      The MolluscumRx will get rid of those lesions. The key is consistency. Apply the product 2-3 times a day for best results.

  37. Nicole says:

    Can you guys please tell me what molescum is caused from? And usually how long it lasts. Both my 1 and 4 year old have it and our doctor says to just leave it in treated but more are beginning to appear…

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Molluscum is caused from touching. The virus comes in contact with the skin and you become infected. Kids are most susceptible because they tend to touch everything and their immune systems are not fully developed.

      Molluscum can last from a period of 6 months up to several years. Some kids get 2 lesions some get 200. It’s just the nature of molluscum.

      Many doctors tell mom to leave it alone because they know most of the products out there do not work. Most doctors do not know about MolluscumRx. But as they do more and more are recommending the product to their patients.

  38. Susan says:

    I had my doctor freeze them. they are in the scabbing stage. is it good to use molluscumrx now on the cryo treated bumps?

    • MolluscumRx says:


      The MolluscumRx will get rid of any lesions the cryo treatment may miss. Also it will help prevent spreading of the lesions which is not uncommon after such treatments.

  39. Carolyn says:

    My son has just been diagnosed. He is 6. It’s not really bad yet but on his tummy and back and starting to show signs down his arms.

    1. Should we moisturise with the product?
    2. How quickly could you ship to Australia?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      The MolluscumRx will get rid of those lesions. DO NOT use any other creams or lotions when using the product. They seem to interfere with the effectiveness of the MolluscumRx.

      Australian shipments usually take about a week to get there.

  40. Manoj Kumar says:

    Do you ship to India.what will be the cost.

  41. Candace Follen says:

    I am interested In your cream.

  42. Emily Young says:

    My 3 year old daughter has had mulloscum for a year now.. We’ve gone to numerous doctors and all say there is no cure. It has spread from one dot on her chest to under arms, down her underarms, belly, and down her legs on the inside.. Tonight my husband noticed what looked like 2 blisters on her top lip.. I’m starting to worry more about this.. I actually ordered Zymaderm a couple of days ago.. However, I want to try anything and everything ! We live in Mississippi.. Can you help?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      We can help. The MolluscumRx will get rid of those lesions.

      Apply 2-3 times a day and those lesions will be gone in a few weeks. Remember, do not miss treatments and do not use any other creams or lotions with the MolluscumRx.

  43. kaitlyn says:

    my 11 year old daughter is going into grade 6 and she has it all over her face and it’s fairly visible, It’s the age where they start to feel insecure and stuff and I just want to know how to get rid of it so she doesn’t feel bad about herself. I obviously can’t bring her to get the blistering or nitrogen on her face because it will blister for a while, how can I get rid of it?

    • molluscumrx says:

      Hello Kaitlyn,

      You can purchase our product, MolluscumRx to get rid of the molluscum. It is safe to use all over the body aside from the eye area.

  44. Amy holde says:

    How much dose it coast i have to boys that have it a i am a single mother with not much money spare at the end of the week.

    • molluscumrx says:

      Our bottle is $59.99 and you get free Shipping when you put a referring doctor. If you would like you can call our office to discuss.

  45. Perious says:

    Hi my daughter is 15 years old and she has molluscum in front of her one eye she’s forever crying and saying the are making her look ugly please help us and give us information about where can we get molluscumRx in South Africa fast

    • molluscumrx says:


      We sell our product online and you can order from our website. International orders can take up to 24 business days to arrive, excluding weekends and excluding holidays. We do not recommend using our product anywhere near the eye area though, just because if you get any in your eye, it could irritate it like most other products do when they get in the eye.

  46. CK says:

    Is your product colourless / easily absorbed into the skin?

    • molluscumrx says:

      Our product dries similar to a liquid bandaid and may look flesh or clear colored depending on your skin tone.

  47. Bob Mahen says:

    Is it a 100% cure and it doesn’t come back in the treated area?

    • molluscumrx says:


      We have a high success rate with our product when used consistently at least two times per day. Once the lesions have darkened then scabbed up and the scabs have fallen off, that means they are gone. The only way the lesions come back is if you come back in contact with an object or person who has the virus.

  48. John says:

    I am currently taking Imiquimod(Aldara) before bed and washing off in morning. Is it possible to take this during the day when the Imiquimod is no longer applied?

    • molluscumrx says:

      We do not recommend using our product when you are using any other medicines to cure your molluscum. This is because it can effect how the medicine works.

  49. Kara says:

    With a co-existing case of eczema, can at least regular lotion be used and then the molluscumrx or vice Versa or should lotions be avoided all together?

    • james justison says:

      Hello Kara,

      Please avoid using anything else when you are using MolluscumRx. When the medicine is not on the lesions, you can use any lotion you would like.

  50. June says:

    Hi.. Is molluscumRX available in Malaysia as well? Can it be applied around eye and mouth (on upper lips) area? My 20 months baby girl have a lot of it on her face…and also at her genital area as well. Please help her…

    • james justison says:


      It is not available in Malaysia, but we do ship our product worldwide. It can take 21-24 business days to arrive internationally. We do not recommend applying it around the eye area as it can burn or sting if it gets in the eyes.

  51. uleanbotterill@hotmail.com says:

    Can I buy this cream in Brisbane, Australia?

  52. Kim says:

    Can this be used while breast feeding?

  53. Anonymous says:

    I have the virus on my arms and my doctor said you can just wait and also try putting tape on them when getting out of the shower to suffocate them. They also said to wait to they get bigger and take the thing out in the middle but they have stayed small for a whole year. What should I do? Please reply

    • james justison says:

      Some doctors do recommend to wait it out but that can take several months to years. Our product is all natural and speeds up that process. You can purchase on our website or if you have any questions you can call us at 407-850-5599.

  54. Shalini says:

    I m suffering frm molluscum frm 6 months,i have tried so many cream nd lotion like antiherpex,salicylic acid lactic acid combination,retinol A….but no effect seen whether it is spreading day by day,plz tell me wht should I do???

    • JessicaCrews says:

      If you have been diagnosed with Molluscum our product is a great over the counter all natural product to resolve it. You do not need a prescription.

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