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How to Treat Molluscum Contagiosum on Adult Genitalia

So you’ve been to your doctor and have been told that those scary red bumps on your gentials are molluscum. Now what? As we have discussed before, molluscum is considered an STD when it is transfered through sexual contact. Of all the STD’s molluscum may be the easiest to contract. All that is required is skin to skin contact. That’s where the contagiosum part of the name comes from, the virus is highly contagious. The little organisms that cause the disease can also be spread by blood, seman, or bodily fluids. It is even possible to contract the disease from people who seem perfectly healthy at the time of contact. They may not even be aware that they are infected. Tricky stuff this molluscum virus.

The ABC’s of Treating Molluscum on Adult Genitalia

A.) Prepare the infected area:

The first step is to prepare the area for treatment. The lesions found on the genital area will typically be covered by hair. In order to properly apply the treatment you will need to trim back this hair to better expose the lesions. To do this we recommend that you use scissors. When trimming back the hair, be very careful not to pierce or scrape the lesions. As this can lead to additional spreading, and you do not want that. Therefore, do not use clippers, razors and do not wax the area where the lesions are located.

B.) Application of the product:

Once you have properly prepped the area, now you are ready to apply the product.

The area should be washed and then completely dried. It is important that the surface where the lesions are located is very dry as this will allow the product to be applied most effectively.

Apply a drop to the area and rub in a circular motion to form a paste, then let dry. This will allow the product to activate. Once dried, the paste will form a clear seal, similar to a liquid bandage, over the lesions. That’s all there is to it. Be sure to try to keep the area as dry as possible.

C.) Recommended dosing:

When you treat molluscum on adult genitalia, consistency is the key. In order to achieve best results you must be diligent. The product should be applied 2-3 times per day. You should follow the instructions given in the tutorial video. The more frequently you apply the product the quicker the lesions will resolve.

D.) Timeliness of treatment:

Once you start treatment the lesions typically will respond in 5-7 days. What you will see is that the lesions will start to darken (turn darker red) and then scab over. This is what you are looking for. When you see this, you know the lesions are going away. We recommend you keep applying the product as directed until the skin returns to normal. This will ensure that no additional spreading takes place.

That’s how you treat molluscum on adult genitalia!

41 responses to “How to Treat Molluscum Contagiosum on Adult Genitalia”

  1. Jessica says:

    I am a 19 year old girl and have Molluscum on my inner thighs but they all finally healed for the most part, but I think two more appeared but I can’t differentiate them from normal bumps so I’m very paranoid. I also think I have three on my neck so I have them covered with bandaids and apple cider vinegar. I’m so embarrassed by them, especially since people can see the bandaids on my neck. If I get this product, do I need to put a bandaid on the lesion after applying the cream? And is the mulloscom still contagious when it’s a scab?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      You do not need to put a bandaid over the product, in fact, it works better if you don’t.

      Make sure to apply 2-3 times per day for quicker results.

      Yes, the lesions can stil be contagious in the scab state. So just be cautious until the lesions are gone.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m not sure it’ll work for Ive used what seems like every product out there to treat my 3 bumps. Since I popped one and thought I was doing right, I gotten 2 more on my penis. After a few months, they aren’t as big but itch like crazy. I have some now on my pubic region. I tried APC, garlic and honey and it burned my skin badly. I tried wart remover. It was crap. I have noticed a difference since taking Vit. C. It’s so depressing having to constantly think about it. I haven’t had sex since October and notice them in November. How sure are you that this will work?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Relax you’ve come to right place. First off, no more popping the lesions, this will cause spreading.

      When you get the MolluscumRx apply 2-3 times a day as directed. You should see the lesions begin to respond in 5-7 days. They will get red and darken. This is what you are looking for. When you see this you know the lesions are going away. Just keep applying until they are completely gone.

      Remember , consistency is the key.

  3. Isaac says:

    I am a 19 year old male and I exchanged oral sex with my partner and now I believe it’s showing around my mouth and possibly my lip. Is this product effective on the mouth and lips?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Absolutely. The product will not burn or harm your face. Also, it is non-toxic, so if you get some in your mouth it will not harm you. It will just taste really, really bad.

      I would apply 3 times a day for quicker results.

  4. Jenna says:

    I am a 19 ear old girl who has molluscu me on my buttocks and my genital pubic hair area. I want to get rid of these as soon as possible. I bought a product called Conzerol and I. Can’t tell if it’s working they seem a tad bigger, harder, and I guess more red? Mayer this is better? I’m not sure. help?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Not sure without seeing your lesions. I can tell you that MolluscumRx is the brand most recommended by doctors.

      When you get the product, be sure to get it on those lesions 2-3 times a day for best results.

      The stuff works great, you just got to be consistent.

  5. Rachel says:

    On your study information page, you discuss only the positive patient outcomes? What side effects were observed in study participants? What potential risks or reactions may occur from use of this product?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      To date we have sold thousands and thousands of bottles and have never had a case with an adverse reaction. The plant materials used are not toxic or harmful to the body ( even if swallowed, but it will taste really bad).

  6. Yuki says:

    im a 23 year old female and about two weeks ago I got surgery to get rid of the molluscum on my butt, thighs and genital area. Yesterday I noticed that a new molluscum wart is forming and I’m so upset. I know that the surgeon didn’t miss it cuz i just noticed it 3 days ago. This is my second time having this surgery. I can’t afford having it again. Will this treatment really work? What can I do so they it doesn’t spread to other areas?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      We hear this all the time. For some reason when lesions are burned or removed, it seems that spreading follows. We are not sure why this happens, but we hear it a lot from customers. The molluscumrx will take care of those lesions. Since you only have a few, we recommend applying the product 3-4 times per day. This will get rid of the lesions at a faster rate.

      Remember, consistency is the key. Do not miss treatments.

  7. Bill says:

    I was just diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum and have about 3 to 4 bumps on my pubic region in the hair. Went to the dermatologist and he sprayed some stuff on
    it which kind of hurt and now itches and seems darker red is this a good sign? Also is this disease in your blood and stays with you or once the bumps are gone you no longer have an std? Please help

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Keep an eye on the lesions. Often when they are treated with acids you will see spreading. Let’s hope you are not one of those patients.

      As for the lesions, once they are gone, the molluscum is gone.

  8. Brad says:

    My girlfriend thinks she has contracted my mollescum inside of her vagina. Is this possible? How does she keep that area from spreading??

    • MolluscumRx says:

      It is possible. She should first go see her doctor for a proper diagnosis. If it is molluscum the MolluscumRx will not only resolve her lesions but it will also keep them from spreading.

  9. Adil says:

    I feel that i have a bumps in my inner part of testis(inside) is it possible ?and I have so many molluscum on my genital area.i m very dissapointed about it.can i get rid of it.plz help me sir.

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Yes, it’s very possible. That is a common area to get molluscum.

      I would apply the MolluscumRx 3- 4 times a day. Try to keep the area dry between treatments.

      The product works great, but you should not miss treatments.

  10. Sreeahri says:

    Dear Sir,
    My elder son aged at 8years old is having warts on left Thumb finger. It is very big one and got speeded into under the nail on the left thumb finger. The size could be measuring around 1cm to 2cm. We have observed this some 3-4 years back and paediatrician said they will go off on their own so left untreated it. Now the similar warts got speeded to other fingers also. We consulted the dermatologist who has done auto-inoculation(collecting a piece of wart and injecting into the body). doctor said this this procedure will stimulate his immune system to fight with virus. We repeated this procedure for 3 cycles but we didn’t see any results. Doctor has done one laser treatment also but later we saw that warts growing again in the same area as well as new warts are getting formed. Now doctor has done one cycle of Cryotherapy also in the first week of November 2015. But we found more warts getting formed after crotherapy treatment on the face and some parts of front and backside of body.
    At present as on today 19th November 2015,
    1) There is one big wart on left thumb. It started on the edge of the nail and speeded to backwards and got into under the nail also. Every dermatologist saying it is very difficult to cure this kind of wart.
    2) There is 1 or 2 warts which are of around 5-8mm in size on the right hand thumb finger
    3) There is 1 or 2 warts on the point finger in the left hand
    4) there is 1 wart on small finger on the left hand
    After Cryo thearapy
    5) we started seeing more small warts on the face, font and back side of the body
    6) one small wart on the end of penis on outer skin of his penis9Genital wart just started)
    7) We are seeing 1 or 2 warts on the head also

    We are fed-up with Cryothearapy, Laser and Auto-inoculation which are very painful treatments. I my self seen as my son crying a lot during these treatments in the hospital.

    so now I would like order your product but before that, can you please tell me
    1) How do I confirm that my son is having water warts? where your medicine can be applied
    2) Based on above description can you confirm does my son is having water warts or normal warts. I believe your medicine works only for water warts not for other kind of warts
    3) what is the time line to remove or cure all these warts with your medicine?
    3) Can I get back the refund back if we don’t see the good results within your promised time as we are residing in INDIA?

    We are literally praying god as a last hope to get away all these warts for my son.
    If your medicine works well for us, I think YOU ARE OUR GOD

    Hope a fast and early reply which will help us in selecting your treatment

    Thanks [&] Regards

    • MolluscumRx says:

      First and foremost you must go to a Dermatologist and make sure it is molluscum that you are dealing with.

      If it is molluscum, the MolluscumRx will get rid of it. Just make sure to apply the product at least twice a day.

      And yes, our money back guarantee is worldwide.

      Please give us a call if you would like to discuss.

  11. Danny says:

    I had Molluscum on my pubic area. For many months. It started to spread to my genitals. The head of my penis had some. They were getting worse every week. I ordered Molluscumrx. I applied it twice a day. It never burned or any adverse reactions. No skin staining. Nothing. You can’t even tell you have it on or even applied it on to your skin. Now if you have it some where it’s visible. That’s a different story. It does not look pretty. It’s a red mess. I am absolutely convinced this works. I have only one left. And it’s almost gone. Don’t waste any more time with this virus. The only thing that I would say bad about this is it comes in a one ounce bottle. I kinda ran out. I ordered another bottle. Don’t waste any more time researching. Buy it and start applying. Don’t have your dermatologist cut or burn them off. This is absolutely pain free. I am so glad I didn’t let them cut me or burn them off. Just do as directed on web site. Thank you Molluscumrx

  12. Kay says:

    I was told I had moluscum 14 years ago and had them treated and haven’t seen any since. I now have 2 that are very similar to what I remember. Do you always carry the disease and are you able to spread it without having the lesions?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      If the new bumps are molluscum, then you were recently reinfected by coming in contact with the virus. Though recurrences are rare, it does happen.

      Typically molluscum will be spread when lesions are present.

  13. Kim says:

    From the time the lesions respond, how long will it take to go away. will it leave a scar?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Once the lesions start to respond they are usually gone in 2-3 weeks.

      There typically will be no scaring when you use molluscumRx.

  14. Lisa says:

    When bumps are gone off. Gentalia area is the virus gone ? And can someone still catch this through body fluids ?

    • MolluscumRx says:

      Once the bumps are gone you are not going to infect anyone else.

      Molluscum is not transmitted through body fluids. It is contracted when the skin comes in contact to a surface where the molluscum virus is residing.

  15. Peter Renshaw says:

    I’ve had Molluscum on my penis for over 3 years. My doctor has prescribed all kinds of creams, etc which simply didn’t work. Often the lesions would get infected and would swell and blister, so I’d then have to have antibiotics as well. But of course the lesions never went away. Even Cryotherapy didn’t do a thing.

    I’ve been using MolluscumRx for 4 days and already some of the lesions have turned red and scabbed over. Though when I continue to apply the MolluscumRX on the scabbed lesions, the scabs sometimes fall off. I’m guessing this not a good thing?

    Also, when I apply to my penis, it doesn’t seem to turn white, like it does on other areas like my thighs. Is this normal?

    • molluscumrx says:

      Hello Peter,

      If the molluscum scabs fall off, that is a very good sign. It means the lesions are healing. Keep applying to each lesion until the scabs fall off. It is normal for the lotion to turn either a white or flesh color, but you seem to be applying correctly. Just make sure it forms a nice seal over the lesions.

      • Peter Renshaw says:

        It appears to be the act of rubbing in the solution that is making the scabs fall off, so perhaps they are coming off before they’re ready?


  16. Mrs. Switzer says:

    This is going through my daughters Playschool and the doctors have said that is poses no health risk to the other 30 kids in the school. I have done a lot of research on this and I just don’t understand how it doesn’t pose a risk to the children and all of their family members.. My 3year old daughter has pin head bumps all over her back and I am so scared she has it! Not to mention I don’t want this going through my house hold.. Should I pull her out of Playschool? And if she does have it how do I treat a 3 year old toddler that (let’s be real) is gross, touches everything and doesn’t know any better when it comes to removing bandaids amd scratching an itch.. I’m horrified….

    • molluscumrx says:

      Hello Mrs. Switzer,

      Please give our office a call at 407-850-5599 to discuss your child’s individual case. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  17. Ray says:

    Hey can you tell me what the product is made of? Like what natural oils specifically? I can’t find the ingediants on your page.

  18. mishi says:

    I hve my wedding nxt week and I’ve molascum from past 1.5 yrs n nt in state of going . They r very much in number . I don’t know what to do .

    • james justison says:

      If you have been diagnosed with Molluscum you can purchase our product it is an over the counter product and does NOT harm or scar healthy skin.

  19. Joey says:

    Bought and used as directed didn’t cure or even get rid of any of the molluscum.Don’t waste time or money the application process of three times a day was extremely difficult not to mention the smell and price for a peoduCT with no results. I bet the other comments are bots or spammed from the owning company.

    • JessicaCrews says:

      So sorry to hear you feel this way. Would love to discuss what happened while you were using it. Most of the time when someone thinks it is ineffective is because they are using gloves or Q-Tips to apply the product to the lesions. If you could call us or email us to discuss we would be happy to work with you. We value or customers and take pride in our product. 407-850-5599

  20. Steve says:

    Working well so far, got rid of most of my bumps. Almost bump free, around my genitals.

    • JessicaCrews says:

      That is great to hear! Just keep using the product 2x daily and always using your bare finger to apply the product!

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