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Over the Counter Treatments for Molluscum

When it comes to curing your molluscum, there are many options to choose from, including over the counter treatments. Doctors may tell you to let the virus resolve on its own without treatment. This solution could take months or years to come full circle. Other Doctors might physically remove the lesions using cryotherapy (freezing the lesions with liquid nitrogen), curettage (piercing and scraping each bump) or laser therapy. Many times, these courses of treatment require more than one trip to the doctor to get rid of every bump.  Going these routes may make you feel overwhelmed or not comfortable with the pain that can occur after treatment or the possible scarring.


Molluscum near the chest

Sometimes the bumps can appear as a single lesion

molluscum on toros

Painful Solutions

In other cases, your doctor may prescribe different medications to resolve your lesions. These could include trichloroacetic acid, topical podophyllotoxin cream, such as Condylox, cantharidin (which is obtained from the blister beetle and applied by your doctor) or imiquimod (Aldara). Many of these medications have ingredients that can burn, blister, or leave scars.

The good news about OTC molluscum treatments

molluscum bumps

Molluscum lesions appear as raised bumps on the skin

Physically removing your molluscum bumps or using medication with names you cannot pronounce is not your only option. There is a myriad of over the counter treatments that you can try such as apple cider vinegar or oregano oil. But what we have found in many of our customers is that these treatments do not work to resolve their molluscum.

Become molluscum-free today!

Plenty of children and adults have become molluscum-free due to using our over the counter treatment, MolluscumRx. Our product is preservative free and made of a potent blend of organic plant ingredients such as proanthocyanidins, myrrh and calendula. These materials do not cause any pain or burning sensations and do not Molluscum in armpitleave any scars or marks. The product does not cause skin to blister and will not harm healthy skin. Best of all, it is easy to apply MolluscumRx with the included dropper and gets rid of your lesions in a timely manner (usually 2-3 weeks for the typical customer).

As you can see, you have many over-the-counter options to treat your molluscum, most of which will leave a scar or cause pain. However, we believe the best treatment is MolluscumRx.

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