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Molluscum Contagiosum Cures

Molluscum contagiosum is a common, yet irritating skin condition that can occur in children and sometimes adults. It’s caused by a virus, so it’s easily transmitted through direct contact with the skin of an infected person. It is very contagious. Once all of the bumps are gone, it is no longer contagious.

Molluscum lesions can appear on virtually any area of the body

This includes the arms, torso, face, neck and armpits. The bumps are round and pearl-like with a white waxy center. They are typically painless but can become itchy. It is important not to pick or scratch at the bumps because this can cause spreading. Molluscum lesions can also spread by skin-to-skin contact. This includes sexual contact or by touching the bumps and then touching someone else. Touching objects that have the virus on it, such as a towel or clothing, also can spread the infection. The virus can spread from one part of the body to another. Or it can spread to other people, such as among children in school or daycare.

molluscum on the arm

One recommendation by doctors is to leave the lesions alone to heal

This process can take anywhere from 6 months up to several years. Most people don’t want to have these bumps on their skin for that long so they choose other options, including invasive treatments.

These are the most common cures for molluscum

  1. This is an in-office procedure that involves applying a solution of liquid nitrogen to the bumps and freezing them off. Following treatment, cryotherapy can leave skin lighter, darker or discolored. Since this method of treatment can be painful to your child, doctors don’t always recommend it.
  2. With this treatment, the doctor surgically removes the bumps to make them disappear. But by doing this, the bumps can come back and this method is often painful and can leave scars.molluscum on the legs
  3. Cantharidin, also known as Beetle Juice. It is a blistering agent from the blistering beetle. A doctor uses this acid on the patient’s skin to make the lesions go away. It is a painful cure.
  4. Laser therapy. With this molluscum contagiosum cure, a pulsed dye laser is used to target each individual molluscum lesion. Since the equipment needed to perform this therapy is not readily available, it is not often used. But when it is used, multiple office visits are needed to get rid of the bumps. This can become costly and the bumps could still spread.
  5. Our product is a safe way to cure molluscum contagiosum. We use only the finest organic plant materials which makes MolluscumRx safe for use on the entire body. Typically, the lesions respond to MolluscumRx within 5-7 days. The lesions will darken and scab up. Once you see this, you know the lesions are going away.  MolluscumRx
    molluscum scabbing

    After using MolluscumRx, the lesions start to darken and scab, as seen in this photo

    will not harm or blister healthy skin. Application and use of our product is painless and it causes no scarring and contains no acid or burning agents. The best part about our product is that it is a totally painless treatment.

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