Can Molluscum Contagiosum Be Cured By a Doctor?

Hearing a diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum can sound rather intimidating, but there are treatments available. Molluscum contagiosum cures; however, can be a bit tricky! Traditional treatment options have proven to be somewhat successful; however, they can also be quite painful and can lead to scarring. This has led to some scientific development in recent years.

Traditional treatments for molluscum contagiosum include:


Technically, molluscum contagiosum will go away on its own. This process could take anywhere from 6 to 12 months; however, with some lesions lasting as long as 4 years! And while you have lesions on your skin, you are considered highly contagious.


The word cryotherapy can sound a bit scary, we know! To put it simply, cryotherapy consists of freezing off molluscum contagiosum lesions with liquid nitrogen. Ever had a wart removed at the doctor’s office? This is essentially the same type of treatment. And much like treatment for warts, cryotherapy typically requires multiple treatments to fully cure molluscum contagiosum. This method can be quite painful, and almost always results in spreading of the virus to other parts of the body.

Burning lesions with an acid.

If this method doesn’t sound like much fun, that’s because it really isn’t! In this method of treatment, lesions are treated with an acid (often salicylic acid) until the lesions dissolve. There is some pain with this type of treatment, and multiple treatments are often required before the molluscum contagiosum is fully cured.


In this treatment, doctors will attempt to remove the fluid inside a lesion to promote healing. This method can be painful and cause scarring, and it also takes multiple visits to see results.

Scooping (or cutting).

With the scooping method, doctors take a small, sharp, spoon-like instrument and cut the lesions out of your skin. This method can be very painful, and causes considerable scarring.

Natural treatments.

Many of plant extracts found in nature offer antiviral properties that can cure molluscum contagiosum. MolluscumRx is a proprietary blend of extracts that has shown a 95% success rate in patients. Natural treatments like MolluscumRx are pain-free, non-toxic, and do not require a prescription. These treatments also avoid any type of scarring. Learn more about how to get rid of molluscum contagiousm. *

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