MolluscumRx Video Testimonials

MolluscumRx is a proven, safe and pain-free treatment for molluscum contagiosum. We have had
thousands of satisfied customers; however, if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, simply
contact us for a full refund. *

Here are just a few satisfied molluscum contagiosum patients who have successfully used MolluscumRx:

December 12, 2012

I need to thank the doctor for what seems to be a miracle cure for Molluscum. My two - Read More *

- J.K. from Vernon Hills, Illinois
June 10, 2012

My daughter is 2-1/2. She had lesions all over her face and neck. She also has eczema, which - Read More *

- K.K. from Eastlake, Ohio
April 14, 2012

Just had to let you know that my son has been on MolluscumRx™ for less than two weeks - Read More *

- K.L. from Alva, Oklahoma
March 4, 2012

What a wonderful product – it worked in only a few weeks.  And I now feel so relieved - Read More *

- Nadine from Argentina
March 2, 2012

My four-year-old son became infected and had 57 lesions burnt off within three weeks…I was tired of watching - Read More *

- B.L. from U.S.
February 20, 2012

My son (age 2) only had one Molluscum “lesion” when my neighbor told me what the disease was. - Read More *

- L.M. from Bryan, Texas
January 14, 2012

Three of our children have the Molluscum virus. Our doctor prescribed a cream to apply, but it only - Read More *

- K.S. from Chicago, Illinois