MolluscumRx Soap


Introducing MolluscumRx Soap*


The Benefits of MolluscumRx Soap

*MolluscumRx Soap is designed to enhance the treatment when using the MolluscumRx lotion. The soap by itself will not cure molluscum.

MolluscumRx Soap is made with all organic, antiviral ingredients that is designed to enhance the effectiveness of MolluscumRx. No abrasives or harsh chemicals are used in the making of MolluscumRx Soap. We here at MolluscumRx want your lesions to resolve as quickly as possible. When reapplying MolluscumRx, it is important to wash the treated areas with soap and water. Rinse and then dry. You want to get a nice, fresh seal of the product each time. This will help to improve treatment time.

About our Soap

MolluscumRx Soap is carefully handmade in the traditional cold process method in small batches. After our soap has set, each bar is hand-cut and cured for a month to ensure that it is luxurious and long-lasting. Our soap contains only the highest quality, organic, and sustainable ingredients available. We do not use synthetic fragrances, dyes, sodium laurel sulfates or parabens.

In the spirit of working with nature, the traditional cold process method is used in creating our soap. This ensures a high quality bar that retains the naturally occurring properties of the pure ingredients that we use. MolluscumRx Soap is naturally high in glycerin, a humectant that leaves skin feeling clean and fresh without stripping the body of natural oils.