Thanks for chatting with me today on the phone regarding MolluscumRx and how it has helped my daughter’s eczema. Here is our story…

We fought a rather yucky case of molluscum on our 6, now 7 year old daughter for several years until we found MolluscumRx. She got it when she had a really bad flare up of eczema and was in preschool… perfect breeding ground for a case of MC. We fought it with all the over the counter stuff we could because i couldn’t bear to do the bug juice or curretage methods on her. We started with your product and got results! Then finally, with the concentrated formula and the soap combo you recommended, we beat it! Yahoo!

We are also now treating our 10 year old who has a small breakout of MC lesions. It removes them within days.
Olivia suffers from eczema due to food allergies. It flares up in the insides of her elbows and backs of her knees. When we were treating the molluscum, which was in both places and then some, we realized the eczema cleared up and was nonexistant. Once we beat the molluscum and stopped treating her, the eczema returned when we allowed her to have small bits of the foods she is allergic to, or when she is exposed to them accidentally.

During a bad flare up a month ago, I decided to try the leftover concentrated formula on her eczema. Within 24 hours, it had been reduced from red, inflamed and weeping where she scratched, to a few scabs and no inflammation! She didn’t itch either! Over the years we have tried over the counter and prescription treatments for her eczema and none have worked to really heal her skin until we used the MolluscumRx.

We have had another flare up in the past week and again, we did the same with the same results. I will send photos with the next flare up, before and after we treat it. I wish I had taken some this time!

We are so grateful to have found MolluscumRx. Thanks again for all you do. I am hopeful our story may help someone else!

– Colleen