Erin from Michigan

Hello! We finally received your product 12 days ago (August 14th). We started using it on my three-year-old’s lesions that night. He first broke out in a molluscum rash back in about April, and by July, it had spread from his inner arm to his torso, back, and groin. I’m happy to say that, 12 days later, most of the lesions are gone. He has two left on his arm and one on his back, and those were the biggest lesions, so I’m sure they go away with more treatment. The smaller lesions have all disappeared. We haven’t even been that aggressive — We’ve missed a few applications, but it still seems to be working. The best part is, it doesn’t burn the skin so my child has been quite cooperative. He does also have eczema, and it seemed to sting broken skin, but otherwise it did not damage his skin in any way. And yes, it does stain fabric! We were laying our son on a towel during applications, but don’t do as my husband did and use a white towel! I want to say that I’m a nurse and I had my doubts. I was willing to try anything though, as my doctor was making arrangements to have the lesions burnt off, and I feel that my child is too young for that kind of trauma. There are many websites that sell homeopathic junk, a silver current machine and other questionable quackery. I liked your site the best because you are selling an actually topical medication, which was showcased at a dermatology conference. To me, yours was the most credible product out there. I am so relieved to have this over with. My children love the swimming pool and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sign them up for lessons this fall. I’m VERY confident that the few lesions my son has left will be gone by the time lessons start at the end of September. Thank you for making such a great product, and for having such great customer service. ons, but don’t do as my husband did and use a white towel! Erin