Hollie W. from TX

Questions or Comments: My 4 year-old developed them under her arms and on her back; we were told repeatedly by doctor’s to “let it run its course” and they got worse and worse. Six months later when preschool wouldn’t let her return, we saw a local dermatologist for a second opinion. I was in tears because my child had more than 1000 miserable molluscum all over her arms and back and sides. The dermatologist recommended MolluscumRX. In tears, I went to my pharmacy torn whether to try this or to keep letting it run its course. The pharmacist suggested we had nothing to lose by trying it. We overnighted the bottle and gave it a try. When we returned to the dermatologist two weeks later, over 75% of the molluscum were already gone! In a month’s time they were all gone. It was painless and left no scars. Our older son had them as a child, not nearly as bad, and had to endure painful freezing to remove them. This was fantastic. I swear by this product and want everyone to know, from a mom’s heart, it works. Thank you!