J.K. from Vernon Hills, Illinois

I need to thank the doctor for what seems to be a miracle cure for Molluscum. My two kids had them. After numerous trips to dermatologists who burned the lesions off with no success, and me watching my son’s arm turn into a scar factory, I ordered MolluscumRx™. I never expected it to work…2 1/2 weeks later, my son is free of lesions. We are still working on my daughter, but I am sure, in time, it will work. After visiting a professional from Children’’s Memorial, and having her tell me to “continue doing what I am doing because it’s working,” I was reassured that the MolluscumRx™ was amazing. This has made a horrible situation tolerable, and hopeful. Thanks, Dr. Shaffer, for your responsive emails, and for letting me know you were a message away. I appreciate it and am thankful for your knowledge and for finding this cure.