J.P. from Rocky Point, North Carolina

I’ve been meaning to write to you to let you know of the success I had using this product on my seven-year-old daughter. I have to admit that my husband and I were skeptical at first but, after checking with our daughter’s pediatrician and telling him that we wished to try this product, he gave us his okay, saying that he didn’t think it could harm our daughter to try it. My daughter had this condition for about seven months prior to treating it with MolluscumRx™ and she was always embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or tank top because the lesions were clearly visible.

We started using MolluscumRx™ once a day on November 13 and by Christmas, only six to seven weeks later, every lesion was completely gone!!! This was probably the best Christmas present my daughter could have gotten. She is so happy and excited that the lesions are gone! We are going on a cruise next month and she is thrilled to know that when she puts on her bathing suit, she doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about it. I was amazed at how fast the medication worked. By the fourth day, most of the lesions had started to dry up and shrink already. So far, no new lesions have appeared on my daughter. I also have a four-year-old daughter and, thankfully, she hasn’t developed any lesions yet, but I’m comforted knowing that if she were to contract this virus, I could cure it immediately. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about MolluscumRx™ sooner. Thank you for sharing your wonderful product with the world!! You have made a seven-year-old girl happy again.