Josephine D. from IL

I appreciate your quick response to my email. I am currently away from my home. As soon as I get home I will record the testimonial with the links that you provided. Also I have put in a call to my pediatrician to go over the results that my son has experienced; prior to ordering your product I showed the site to him and he reassured me that different products work differently for each child but he reassured me that your product could not hurt because it is all natural ingredients. He also mentioned the high rise in Molluscum in the recent years. From day 1 till now I have taken pictures to document the before and after. My son is so happy because we had tried the freezing process once & it was so painful that he made me promise to never do it again. The dermatologist promised it did not hurt at all yet it clearly was very painful and his next idea was to start using a lotion with steroids in it to help with the process. I was not interested in putting steroids into my 6 year olds blood stream if it was not completely necessary. The dermatologist was angry I would not allow him to re-freeze so he told me that without the freezing my son would have molluscum for seven years. After that appointment I promised to never visit him again & I never will. I was at the point where I truly believed that we would just have to wait out the virus but it started to spread and I was nervous it would reach his face and that frightened me. I started using Molluscum RX on 12/8/14 so it is not even a month yet and we have seen each lesion completely disappear with basically no scarring; I am going to continue using the product to be sure that virus is gone completely.

Thank you for everything & I can promise I will recommend your product to everyone I know.

I have been using molluscum RX on my son for nearly 3 weeks each lesion has completely disappeared. The lesions disappeared within 2 weeks & are now barely noticeable. I continue to use the product to be safe but he is healing so well. I would love to write a review for the product b/c it really is a miracle!!! We tried many different treatments for Molluscum & nothing worked besides this product.

Thank you Thank you & Thank you!!