L.M. from Bryan, Texas

My son (age 2) only had one Molluscum “lesion” when my neighbor told me what the disease was. I had never even heard of it, and had been thinking it was a wart. Over the course of a few months he developed five or six more in the same area on his chest. And soon, a cluster of them in his diaper area, which were the worst. After about seven months of this, and taking the word of my educated neighbor who had been told by a physician that there’s not much you can do for lesions.

I decided to do some Internet “research” on it. The doctor had told my neighbor that it appears that removing the center white core of some lesions will set up an immune response in that area, and make the others go away. This did not seem to work for my son, although he REALLY, REALLY did not like me attempting to do this. I ordered MolluscumRx™ and, in less than two weeks, the lesions on his trunk were diminishing. Now there are completely gone, at three weeks. The ones in the diaper area are very much improved, but not completely gone. I think it’s probably because of the area it is in…but I can tell that, soon, they also will be completely healed. Thank you for discovering and sharing your great product. And thanks also for the kind Dr. Shaffer, who answered my questions by email. I will tell anyone I know with Molluscum contagiosum about your product!!!