Leslie R. from Hong Kong, China

I want to let parents know, please don’t get frustrated and give up! After I started using the MolluscumRx, it seemed like my daughter’s lesions were spreading and getting WORSE than before. But I persisted–within one month I almost used up one bottle so immediately purchased a second bottle. After 2 months (twice daily usage), my daughter is lesion free! I also want to let parents know that if they see the “beginnings” of an eruption (small bumps that look like goose bumps–they have not yet turned into the clear pearly lesions)–you should spread the MolluscumRx all over the area, and it will actually prevent the bumps from turning into full on lesions! This is very crucial! Because my daughter started getting tiny bumps on her cheek because she slept with that cheek against her infected arm. I made sure to put the MolluscumRx on her cheek and they never turned into lesions and gradually disappeared. Before I discovered your product I tried salicylic acid but it left horrible scars and was so painful! Your product is a godsend and I told our GP in Hong Kong about it. He said only sees 2-3 cases per year and tells parents to wait it out or they get frustrated and end up going to a dermatologist who can freeze them off which is painful and may cause further eruptions. The virus is very interesting in that it seems very “alive”–but I knew when the product started killing the virus because all lesions began to disappear, and it finally stopped spreading. I tried apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil before discovering MolluscumRx. They were useless and didn’t help at all–I think the virus was too strong by that point! Thank you so much for this wonderful all natural remedy to this mysterious virus. I feel like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I used to feel so upset letting my daughter go to school with the lesions all over her arm–it looked absolutely horrible. Now she’s molluscum free just in time for swimming season!