Lisa from Georgia

HI. I had to write as I want to help you guys get the word out. Your product works like you said. We weren’t able to do it 3 times a day due to our schedule and how it needs to stay on the skin for alittle bit. We did it 2x a day mostly and everytime she showered, And right before she went to bed as it would be harder for her to accidently mess with it if she was asleep. 🙂 The doctors tell parents we need to just ride it out but it could take 2 or more years. With her condition I couldn’t except their response and then found your product. I want to help get the word out as I don’t want any more sweet children going through what mine did. I also have some pointers not sure if it is worth mentioning. Sometimes she would say it burned (Could be fibbing) I think she associates burning with the tightening of the skin and it can make them alittle uncomfortable. We still have some scabs that are barely there and now have a new one on her hand and she is not upset, she said I need my medicine. :))) Thank You so much !!!!!!!