Michael M. from OK

My son has been dealing with molluscum for a little over a year now. We were told by our pediatrician that they would go away on their own. After the molluscum started to reach his face we were referred to a dermatologist who started beetle juice treatments (very painful). The picture on the left was his 3rd and last beetle juice treatment….after the blistering and scabbing went away (two weeks) the amount of bumps almost doubled. He had around 50 bumps spreading up his left arm to his elbow, jawline, face, and behind his ear. I started my own on-line research finding MolluscumRx and ordered a bottle after reading the reviews. The picture on the right is at the end of 3rd week using MolluscumRx! This was pain free for him and easy for me to apply. I started seeing results within days and We can’t thank you enough for this product!!! My only regret is I didn’t try your product sooner. Thank you again, Michael