Ruby M from CA

My three year old developed three molluscum bumps on his inner thigh. His pediatrician recommended ignoring them and letting them go away on their own. He also suggested duct tape. A year later they had multiplied and spread. We got a referral to the dermatologist and she put a liquid on each that made painful blisters and left scars. I took him in for three visits. She treated what we thought were the last two. The following morning he woke up with bumps all over both knees and elbows, all over his arms and legs. I just wanted to cry. I was not about to take him in and have over 100 molluscum bumps treated and blister.I felt desperate and was determined to find another alternative. I googled for natural remedies and molluscumrx came up. I decided to try it. I applied the molluscumrx and the bumps started scabbing within a couple of days. It’s been three weeks and they’re gone! I’ve noticed a few pop up but I apply the molluscumrx right away twice a day and they disappear. This works and we are so grateful! Please share my comments. I want to help as many people as I can by sharing our experience and success with this product.