Shelly P. from MA

I just have to say thank you. My 6 year old daughter has moluscum after 3 months of thinking it was sweat pimples from a warm winter in tight pants and swimming twice a week I got concerned with the spreading and took her to PCP. They took one look and sent us to a dermatologist. We were told moisturizing would help but not cure. After two weeks of lotions twice a day the spreading stopped and we talked about getting rid of the bumps. I asked for topical treatments. The medication was $350 dollars insurance would not cover. It wasn’t even promised to get rid of them. A little research led me to your site. The price was a bit more then I would of liked but we had to try. After the first week I could see it was going to work. We are on week two of Molluscum RX and I see results. My 6 year old hasn’t been itchy so it hasn’t been spreading. Just so happy thank you thank you. 😊 feel free to use as a testimonial I just couldn’t be happier. S.P. Boston, MA