Stacy from Tennessee

This WORKS. But you have to follow the instructions. My son had molloscum for 6 months and nothing worked. Cider vinegar, essential oils, duct tape, retin-A…. I tried ALL of those things after researching like crazy. The Retin-A prescribed by his ped did work but I hated using it on him and his skin was raw and peeling. You need to LEAVE THE BUMPS ALONE. Don’t pick, scratch or extract. That’s how they spread. Leave them alone and use MolluscumRx twice a day. Rub, rub, rub until it gets toothpaste-like in texture then stop. I spread it over the entire effected area, not just on the bumps. I swear I saw a difference in a few days, and after a few weeks – NO BUMPS. I read tons of reviews on this product vs zymaderm. I didn’t try zymaderm so I can’t speak to it’s efficacy but I can tell you from one parent to another, this stuff truly works. I felt horrible for my little guy, even though I know molluscum isn’t a big deal. I had to buy toilet liner covers for his daycare after they almost removed him from school because his little butt was constantly covered in bumps. (Note – this isn’t legal folks so push back if you get these threats from your daycare/school).