Learn more about molluscum contagiosum and HIV+ individuals

Molluscum contagiosum is commonly found in patients who are HIV positive. The suppressed immune function of many HIV patients put them at a higher susceptibility rate for contracting the poxvirus associated with MCV. Here are some fast facts about molluscum contagiosum in HIV positive patients:

  • MCV skin lesions in HIV positive patients are more commonly found in the face and genitals.
  • Although unsightly, molluscum HIV skin lesions are typically not painful.
  • MCV skin lesions may take several years to go away on their own if left untreated.
  • While skin lesions remain untreated, HIV positive patients with molluscum contagiosum are still contagious and can spread the infection.
  • MolluscumRx offers a safe and discreet way to treat your molluscum contagiosum skin lesions. It will not harm healthy skin, and is safe for use on the face and genitals. Avoid administering MolluscumRx to the eye area, as the product can burn this sensitive area.
  • MolluscumRx is non-toxic, and will not cause harm if accidentally ingested.

You deserve safe, pain-free treatment for molluscum contagiosum!

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