What are “Water Warts” in Children?

Recently, on the TV show “The Doctors”, there was a segment on water warts in children. They explained that water warts in children are another name for the virus molluscum contagiosum. Although the molluscum lesions do look somewhat like warts, they are not related to warts. That is why most wart treatments do not work to eliminate water warts in children.

Are Water Warts a Virus?

Flat warts, plantar warts and even genital warts are in a group of viruses known as papilloma viruses. The water warts (molluscum contagiosum) come from a very different family of viruses. They are a member of a family known as poxviruses. Poxviruses, include cowpox, monkey pox and several other viruses. The molluscum contagiosum virus is the largest of all the pox viruses. Its outer surface is full of bumps and crevices. This may be why it takes so long for the body to get rid of them.

Something to keep in mind, while your child has water warts, they are contagious. This was something not emphasized enough on the show. Your child most likely became infected from touching another child who had the virus. These water warts in children can last for many months to several years. That is why treatment is warranted.

We sent an email to the show telling them about a viable treatment alternative, MolluscumRx. This treatment is known to be 95% effective in eliminating the water warts in children. The product is so good it is sold in dermatology practices across the country. It’s safe and easy to apply. When applied the product creates a seal over the lesions. This seal, in addition to helping destroy the water warts, also may help to reduce the chance of transmission from an infected child. *

So now you know:

  1. Water warts are another name for the virus molluscum contagiosum.
  2. They are contagious and usually take a long time to go away.
  3. There is an effective way to get rid of the water warts. MolluscumRx is a powerful treatment that has been physician recommended and physician approved. But best of all, it works! *